Three reasons why an Electric Bike is better than a car

Three reasons why an Electric Bike is better than a car
As the transport system is changing and manufacturers are introducing changes to the features of various modes of transport, many city dwellers have begun gradually switching from their cars to e-bikes. Although there are currently more cars on the road than e-bikes, this is soon to change as electric bikes have many advantages over them. 
We are all aware of the rising costs associated with commuting by car. Riding an e-bike is the answer for many people who want to avoid traffic, spend less on gas, and stop contributing to pollution. Here are four reasons why an electric bike is a better option than a car:
  • Save money on fuel and maintenance costs
    A vehicle powered by electricity doesn't need petrol. E-bikes can help you significantly reduce your fuel expenses and they require less maintenance than cars do. You are also saving money because an e-bike doesn't require road tax or insurance. There is also no need for a licence to be able to ride an electric bike.
    Charging times for e-bikes are incredibly quick. Simply charge the battery during the day or at night at your home or anywhere you will find a socket, and your battery will be fully charged in a few hours, saving you from ever having to stand in queue at a gas station or spending money on petrol.

  • Avoid the traffic and choose your own commute route 
    Despite their higher top speeds, cars are more likely to get stuck in traffic. In a city, where you can use bike lanes to avoid traffic congestion, an electric bike can be a huge benefit. An electric bicycle is considered a pedal cycle as long as it complies with these EAPC requirements. It is therefore legal to ride it anywhere that standard bicycles are permitted, including cycle lanes and cycle paths. 
    When you're in a car, finding parking can be difficult, particularly in cities with a shortage of spaces. An electric bike, however, doesn't need a lot of parking space. You can even bring it inside your house or workplace if you'd like.

  • Help the planet 
    Electric bikes don't emit carbon dioxide because their motor is powered by a battery rather than fossil fuels. You can lessen your carbon footprint and contribute to the ozone layer protection.  E-bikes are also comparatively quiet when in use, as a result, you'll produce less noise pollution. This can be a huge benefit, especially in crowded or loud towns and cities. 
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