Electric Moped Insurance

Electric scooters, mopeds and bikes are a relatively new technology and because of this it can be difficult to find suitable insurance online. 

If you are looking to get insurance for our refurbished VS2 / E-Max mopeds, you can contact one of the below insurers to get a quote.  

A few options are:

Please note that we do not recommend any of the above over each other and this information is provided for reference only.  There may also be other insurance companies that can provide you with the applicable insurance.

How much is the electric scooter insurance?

Different companies assess or evaluate the risk criteria differently. Always gather as many quotes as possible to be sure you choose the right insurance company for you. 

The e-moped industry is still young but growing fast, insurers don't have the same amount of data that they do on petrol scooters.

It is normal to begin with a quote that is higher than expected but after getting insurance, try and get more quotes in time because premiums might have considerably dropped due to more scooters on the road. We suggest that you try and get new quotes once per month because you might be surprised by a much lower price.

Whilst we are here to support your riding journey, the obligation to obtain and maintain the necessary insurances rests directly with you.